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Mini Militia Mod Apk
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Mini Militia Mod APK is the multiplayer game used in the Android and IOS devices. Mini Militia is the best army shooting game. You can combat with up to 6 players through the internet and you can include up to 12 players with the local wi-fi hotspot. You can use guns for shooting during the battles.

Mini Militia

If you love to play the shooting game then Mini Militia APK is the great option for your entertainment. Among the college students and the teens, the Mini militia has gained huge popularity. It is a 2D game but it has a great impact on the 3D game.

Mini Militia Mod Apk

Mini Militia Apk

Requirements for Mini Militia Mod APK

If you want that your Android phone will run smoothly then you must have an Android version of 3.0 and above. Your location must be suitable so that while you are playing the game it can connect with you to the nearest server. Your phone must have an option of audio so that you can play the theme music of the Mini Militia App.

You must have an internet connection if you want to play this game online. You must be able the capability to connect with other mobile hotspots. Your phone must not go into the sleeping mode.


The major controls that game provides you to control some circumstances.

  1. It allows you to toggle between the weapons by tapping the upper right corner of the screen. And you can reload your weapon by tapping on the ammo button.
  2. The upper right corner of the screen shows zooming capacity of the weapon you have and here the long range for the snipers and the short range for the pistols and it also includes the jetpack meter and the life meter.
  3. The upper middle bar shows the flying capacity and the lower left side of the screen have a circular button which controls the movements of the avatar.

Modes of Play

There are three modes of play of Mini militia which are as follows:

  1. Solo Play: in the solo play there are two training option training and survival. In the training section, you can train yourself or you can train by coach sarge. All the basic controls are taught to you. When you are ready after the training section then you can do the fight for the survival.
  2. A quick play in Mini militia: if you want to quickly play this game then you should check you are connecting with the internet connection. Select the server from the page you are taken to. You have to choose the team and then select the map. And kill as many as opponents as you can.
  3. Multiplayer in Mini Militia: Here are some steps to play the Mini militia in the multiplayer mode.
  • Create wi-fi hotspot.
  • Ask your friends to connect with your device.
  • Open the Mini militia app
  • Choose multiplayer
  • Select LAN wi-fi
  • Choose the preferred location
  • Wait for some time to connect with your friends
  • When everyone is ready then play the game.

Mini Militia Pro APK For Android

The steps to Download Mini Militia Mod APK is easy and safe. It is a straightforward method to download just follow the steps-

Mini Militia For Android

  1. Download Mini Militia Pro Apk(Download) in your Android phone save it in your SD card.
  2. Enable the unknown resources under the option of the setting and in the settings go for the security.
  3. Now navigate the Mini Militia Pro Apk file which you have just downloaded.
  4. Wait for some time to install doodle army 2 apk mode and wait till the installation gets completes.
  5. When the installation gets a complete click on the launch icon and open the game and check the item that you have got for free.
  6. That’s it. You can enjoy the Mili militia game in your device.

Mini Militia For PC

To Download Mini Militia For PC.  you require an Android emulator. So you have to install it first.

Mini Militia For PC

  1. Install Bluestacks Emulator in your PC it is not a difficult task to do download it.
  2. Now go to the Bluestacks and download the Mini militia apk.
  3. Go to blueastacks and open the Android tab. Here you will see an icon of the Mini militia app.
  4. It will ask for your permission to allow it.
  5. Now you can run the Mini Militia for PC.

Mini Militia For iOS

Mini Militia also works for IOS devices. You can download Mini Militia App by our website. Mini Militia for iOS has several features and it allows you to change the mode and you can change the mode by going into the settings. It works with the original play store app.
Mini militia for Ios allows you create the shortcut of the moded game without disturbing to the original game. You don’t need to root your device.

Mini Militia For iOS

It performs quick patching without taking a lot of time. Reloading of the weapon will be one automatically for you. You don’t need to give time to reload the weapon. It gives you exciting privileges like one shot kill in which you can kill the person in just one shot. You don’t need to waste your bullets on the enemy. You can easily check the location of the enemy no matter which weapon you are using. If you are not focused while targetting the enemy then it provides you red line option by which you can target your enemy easily.

Final Words

My final words about this Mini Militia Mod APK is that it is the best app if you are a battle lover and you like the fight and action most. If your enemy hides in the bushes then it allows you to easily find the enemy. We have provided you a direct link to Download Mini Militia app in your device either it will be Android, IOS or PC. But for PC you require an android emulator. The Mini Militia App is completely free to download. We have mentioned the whole procedure to download this app in your device.

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