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Dream11 APK
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Hello, game lovers especially cricket game lovers we have brought you the paramount option which could be used to play games that is Dream11 APK. The perfect platform provided by us. Dream11 App also provides several options for you to choose and they are soccer, basketball, and cricket. Dream11 consumes less time to get installed. Dream 11 APK also provides more and more entertainment in your life, especially for the game lovers. There are no charges for this app. You can play Dream11 Apk game in your leisure time.

Download Dream11 APK

So every user was finding an answer to pass there leisure time and here is the answer. When you play this game you have to keep several things in your mind. This app teaches you the best technique for playing games. Here you have to create your team and then earn. Many things you have to keep in mind while you are playing this game and if you find any mistake then you to do modifications.

Download Dream11 APK

Dream11 APK

App version 8.1

Updated February 23, 2018

Requires Android Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up

App Category: Free Android Sports Apps

Developer’s notes Recover loss


1. Once you have downloaded the app, then comes the registration part.
2. Open the app.
3. You will see a dialogue box.
4. Enter the promo code which the dialogue box is asking for.
5. Now, tap on yes bar.
6. Put the code there and that is NEERA33078ST.
7. Until and unless you enter the code you will not be able to create a team.
8. Now your account is created.
9. You will get rupees hundred in your dream 11.
10. Now enter the details as asked. They mostly ask your name and email address as it is mandatory.
11. Just to verify the account they ask for your mobile number.
12. Mobile number is asked just because it doesn’t create any inconvenience in transferring money.
13. Now you create your team and earn money.


Dream 11 is the most entertaining app for game lovers and especially for cricket game lovers. It is the perfect platform provided. This app consumes less time to get installed. You also have to look that this game is real or fake? There are many sites which can wash your brain. Therefore you have to keep in mind that this game is not available in the Google Play store.


But we also have to assure about the safety of the game. If you want the guarantee whether the app is legal or illegal you have to download it from the link mentioned. If you download it from the link given no one dares to call it illegal. https://technomasti.com/dream11-apk-download-page/ When you actually get the amount transferred in your account, itself proves that the app is legal. If the money was not transferred you could give a second thought that it is not legal but in this case, it’s different. This game is not accused by any government body.


1. Play the game and make points.
2. To transfer the money you will need bank account details and pan card.
3. These two things are necessary for the verification.
4. Also with those two things, your mobile number will be required.
5. Once the approval comes you withdraw money from the game.
6. Therefore you are able to convert Dream 11 money to real money.


Those who don’t accept that dream 11 is an entertaining app, should at least try once and then come to any conclusion. As you have already read the article you apart from fun it also helps you to earn money. We have discussed it about how you can transfer money to your account that change it to real money. The team you have chosen will help you to earn points. The perfect platform provided by us.

This app also provides several options for you to choose and they are soccer, basketball, and cricket. This app consumes less time to get installed. When you play this game you have to keep several things in your mind and remember. As above stated here you have to create your team and then earn. There is another benefit of playing this game and that is if you share the code and as soon as your friend downloads the game he or she also gets the one-third of the transferred money when he or she enters the cash league.


Since you are this game you have to keep in mind about many things. Otherwise, you have bare the consequences which may result in losing the game and not earning. All you need to see is the good knowledge about the players, the vice-captain and the captain. If you choose these wisely then it doesn’t create any problem for you and you can easily gain points.

Selecting a team is a very crucial stage where you have to keep in mind about very details only then you can come to a conclusion. Your work doesn’t finish after selecting the team. The real war starts now, and that is to opt whether to do batting first or the balling. By keeping in mind and seeing the pitch you can opt for any of the options.


You need to think twice while you are playing this game as there are ups and downs. When you play the result could be anything either you will lose or you will win. And if you lose the game it doesn’t mean that the next day you will lose too. Losing is just part of the game. So we hope that you would not take any decision being impulsive because it will ultimately harm yourself.

There are certain things which you have to keep in mind when you play the game. It’s all part of the game if you lose. If you lose today you will definitely win tomorrow. So don’t lose hope and play more and more. This game is just fun and to pass leisure time. So don’t be impulsive.


1. First of all, create your team.
2. This could help you to earn real money.
3. By keeping in your mind about the scores of last played game move on.
4. You have to also keep in mind about the scores of each player not only one.
5. Through this, you come to know about the participation of each player.
6. When you find the best player you also come to know about where you can invest in the end.
7. In the end, by finding the best player you make a good team.
8. Last would be to play the game.
9. But you have to make sure that your team is the best and if you find it’s not, just do some modifications.
10. You have to keep in mind that it will depend on your playing skills how much you score.
11. If the opposite team player gets a card you will lose a point.


As we all know that everything has a special feature. Therefore this app to has some special features which are mentioned below.

1. This app is easy to install.
2. It is simple to understand.
3. It is free from any virus.
4. This app is also safe to download.
5. There are no charges applied for this game.
6. Fewer requirements are needed.
7. This app is free of cost.
8. This could be the best for cricket lovers.
9. It has a unique feature and that is it is the world’s first fantasy game.
10. This app doesn’t need much time for downloading.
11. There are different ways mentioned to download this app.


1. Open BlueStacks
2. Now search this game.
3. Tap on the first link visible to you.
4. BlueStacks helps you to install it on touchscreen laptops also.
5. Now you will see multiple games appears on the screen.
6. Next is you just have to scroll down and there you will find the download option.
7. Tap on the download option so that it can be downloaded.
8. It may take time as the file is quite big.
9. It depends on you where you need to save that.
10. It works best when the app store is enabled and application communication is enabled.
11. Choose the next option and you will find it installing.
12. You can sign in with different things provided and also you can change the name if, you want.


1. First of all, it is not available in the play store.
2. If you search in the play store you will find all fake apps.
3. See the link mentioned in the description.
4. You can use any browser you want.
5. Once you choose the browser. You will find an option that is OPEN THE APP.
6. Tap on open the app.
7. And you will find the next option which is to download.
8. Tap on the download button.
9. Now all you need to do is to wait till download process is taking place.
10. Install the app.


1. Search and go to the official website”https://technomasti.com/dream11-apk
2. Now tap on it.
3. Next, you have to scroll down the page.
4. When you scroll at the end, you will find our apps.
5. Choose either Android or iOS.
6. And finally, tap on got it.
7. Then install the app.

This also provides you, with a bonus if you put the referred code at the time of registration. It provides you the facility of easy download.

Final Words Of Dream11 APK

As you have already read the article and you know much about this betting game. We also clear that it doesn’t support gambling. So we hope that you appreciate this Dream11. There are many uses for this app it freshens up your mind. Also, it is the world’s first fantasy game as stated above. You can enjoy this game in Android, iOS, and PC. Every cricket, basketball or soccer lover would love this app.

So game lovers what are you waiting for? Install the Dream11 APK as quickly as possible and enjoy. You will no longer be charged for this app. Users can use Dream11 App during there leisure time and freshen up there mind. So all you need is to follow the instructions to install this app in various ways. Users were looking how to pass there leisure time and we have brought you this app. As stated above there multiple options for the users which are very beneficial for them. So the game lovers don’t wait and watch just hurry and install the game quickly. The best part of this app is there are no charges which everyone wants.

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